Kardomah94 Events in October

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And probaly here too, with or without the afternoon.

Humba Rumba

Shoulder to Shoulder

Women of Words

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads + The Gold Needles

Urban Rain Album Launch

Bluesnight at Kardomah94 with the Nicol Band

Elvis G - Sunday Supplement

Humba Rumba on Monda

Shoulder to Shoulder

arco Hard Hat Challenge Celebration and Auction

Imaginary Gardens

Heads Up Festival Opening Celebration

Heads Up Festival - Pale Blue Dot

Head Up Festiva- Bellow Theatre Matinee Performance

Heads Up Festival - Alan Williams

'Immaculate' presented by Chameleon Players

'Immaculate' presented by Chameleon Players

Tunes in Two Cities - For Pulmonary Fibrosis Charities

Folk Roots @K94

The Rabbit Hole with Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle

"What a find. The pizzas were stunning (and massive. Truly massive)" Our Reviews